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Healthy Tacoma is a simple idea: Ensure every worker in Tacoma can earn paid sick days on the job.

Nearly 4o,000 breadwinners in Tacoma – or 2 in 5 workers – have no paid sick leave.

By ensuring every worker in our city can earn paid sick days, we can improve our economic security, public health and business productivity. Paid sick days will help:

  • Build family economic security by ensuring workers can care for their health needs without losing a day’s wages or even their job.
  • Protect public health by encouraging sick workers and children to stay home, away from co-workers, school, and customers.
  • Lower health care costs by enabling workers to seek preventative care and early treatment for themselves, their children, and elderly parents.
  • Create healthier workplaces, and more productive and profitable businesses by limiting the spread of disease, reducing the potential for workplace accidents, and boosting employee productivity, morale and commitment.
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