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Diane Inman, Positive Approach

Research Says

  • Sick leave lowers costly turnover. The direct costs of losing and replacing an employee range from 25% to 50% of annual pay for hourly workers, and more for highly skilled employees.
  • Sick employees have more workplace accidents. A recent CDC study finds workers with Paid Sick Days are 28% less likely to be injured at work, meaning fewer workers comp claims.
  • People with sick time only use half their available days in national surveys. In San Francisco after sick leave passed, workers used on average 1 to 3 days per year – and 25% used none.

Getting Real about Cost

Businesses have direct costs from providing paid sick leave, particularly in scheduling and paying replacement staff. But real-life experience shows those costs are often less than expected and largely off-set by gains in productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Examples of Paid Sick Leave Accrual, by Employee*


Days accrued after 1 year

Days accrued after 2 years, if previous year’s hours roll over

Half-time employee

Full-time employee



Fewer than 10 employees





More than 10 employees





250+ employees, with PTO





* 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. Max of 40 hours in firms with fewer than 10 employees, up to 72 hours/year in larger firms.

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