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Paid Sick Days: News Roundup

June 17, 2014

Earned Sick Days Bill Approved By Senate Labor Committee


On June 13th, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) successfully passed a paid sick days bill (AB 1522) through the Labor and Industrial Relations Committee in the California Senate. The bill is now scheduled to be heard on June 24th in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. If passed, AB 1522 will allow California residents to accrue one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, and would allow them up to 3 paid days off per year.

“As the dynamics of the modern family change, so does a mother’s ability to take care of sick children or hers own self when she falls ill at the same time she’s trying to hold down her job,” Gonzalez said. “Our economy has moved to a place where families cannot rely on a stay-at-home parent in times of illness. As a state, California must adapt to the reality facing today’s working families.”

Push for Paid Sick Leave at Burlington Summit

The Vermont Commission on Women hosted a rally for paid sick leave and other working family issues on June 12th, gaining momentum prior to The White House Summit on Working Families that will be held on June 23rd. In the crowd were politicians, nonprofits and business owners – all there to show support for renewed efforts to pass paid leave legislation. A paid sick day proposal was brought forward in Vermont earlier this year, but ultimately died in the Legislature. There are continued efforts to revive the proposal for next year.

NJ Democrats pledge action on bill to give all workers paid sick leave

Credit: NJ Biz

Senator Loretta Weinberg of New Jersey is moving to pass a state-wide paid sick leave bill with support of NJ Senate Democrats. If passed, it would allow for 40 hours of paid sick leave for employees of businesses with less than 9 workers, and 72 hours of paid sick leave for employees of businesses with 10 or more workers. Senate Democrats have pledged action on the legislation, and beginning this week are going to work with labor leaders to start gaining momentum for the state-wide sick leave campaign. So far New Jersey’s two biggest cities, Newark and Jersey City, all ready offer earned sick leave. Only the state of Connecticut offers the benefit to all employees.

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