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SeaTac’s Prop 1

December 16, 2013
SeaTac Food Court

SeaTac Food Court (Photo credit: Frank Fujimoto)

On December 13th nearly 50 protesters gathered at the Kent courthouse to demonstrate against the lawsuit filed by Alaska Airlines against Proposition 1 in SeaTac, WA. Proposition 1 would increase SeaTac’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, and give paid sick time to laborers, among other worker benefits. The proposition passed with a 77 vote lead and has sparked support all over the country. Alaska Airlines with other big businesses, under the name “Common Sense SeaTac”, are opposed to the wage increase, although it would stimulate the economy and provide a living wage for more than thousands of airport workers.

The lawsuit was brought in front of  a judge on Friday and concluded with no final verdict. The judge is said to have a decision by the end of this week or after Christmas as to whether the initiative will be upheld. Either way the judge fairs, both sides are set to appeal.

Watch this video covering Friday’s rally in Kent over the $15 wage.

We support Prop 1 because it will ensure the health and safety, as well as economic security, of working families.

  • Prop 1 provides up to 6.5 days of paid sick leave for full-time airport employees, preventing the spread of dangerous disease and keeping families and the community safe.
  • Prop 1 encourages airport-related businesses to employ full-time workers, creating jobs our neighbors can count on.
  • Prop 1 ensures that SeaTac residents employed at and around the airport can receive a living wage of $15 helping them make ends meet.
  • It’s estimated that Proposition 1 will create 412 new jobs , with millions of additional dollars pumped into SeaTac’s struggling economy.

Find out more about SeaTac’s Prop 1:

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