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In the Spotlight: Rep. David Sawyer

October 18, 2013
Representative David Sawyer (D-29)

Rep. David Sawyer (D-29)

State Representative David Sawyer supports Tacoma’s Paid Sick Days ordinance. He is also a co-sponsor of House Bill 1313, which would establish a minimum standard for sick and safe leave for the state of Washington.

“When it comes to paid sick days, I know that people relying on minimum wage have it the hardest, providing necessities to their families and working hard without these important benefits. About 40% of Tacoma workers don’t get paid sick days, and this needs to change.

It is my commitment to make our state better for middle-class families and children, both now and in the future. By providing paid sick leave, businesses can ensure that everyone has the chance to work hard and earn paid sick time off –not just a privileged few.

I support paid sick days because it is the right thing to do for working families and individuals. I hope that you will back me in this decision and realize how important it is to support local policies such as Tacoma Paid Sick Days to strengthen future statewide legislation for working families.”

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